November 11, 2021


Weak links in your IT security?

Apple, Adobe, Anthem, Capital One, Dun & Bradstreet,
  Ebay, Estee Lauder, Equifax, Facebook, First American Financial,
    Home Depot, Health Net, Heartland Payment Systems, JP Morgan Chase, LabCorp,
      LinkedIn, Marriott International, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Monster, Quest Diagnostics, T-Mobile,
        Sony, Staples, Target, TJ Maxx, Under Armour, Vodafone, Walgreens, Yahoo, Zynga…

The list of major data breaches just keeps growing.  If it can happen to big organizations, it can happen to yours too!

And 95% are caused by human error at some level.  Great security measures are only as strong as the weakest links, which are often hard to see.

Weak Link Human

So how can you find your organization’s IT blind spots?   SecurityAware can help!

  • We scan your internet exposure for unsecured firewall ports and unpatched vulnerabilities (a staple check of most regulatory requirements).
  • We scan the Dark Web for leaked account credentials associated with your organization.
  • We scan your servers for unencrypted sensitive information (SSNs, CC#s, DOBs, etc).
  • We train and test your staff for how to recognize and handle phishing, ransomware and other security risks.

SecurityAware helps small businesses find their IT vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.  Find your weak links with Slingshot SecurityAware.

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