November 8, 2018

Maintenance & Monitoring

Why fix problems, when you can prevent them?

Rather than just responding to trouble, you can have Slingshot proactively monitor and maintain your IT environment, to nip problems in the bud before they disrupt your business.   Slingshot’s Maintenance & Monitoring keeps you:

  • Safe by checking your backups, anti‑virus, and security logs.
  • Running by checking your systems’ health, and network connections.
  • Connected by monitoring your Internet connection and email systems.
  • Protected with vetted but timely system updates.
  • Productive by cleaning up and tuning your systems.

Simply put, we give IT the attention it needs.  Our close watch catches most problems before they affect you.  Your time is valuable, so we just take care of it for you, and summarize your systems’ health in easy-to-glance weekly reports.

We also give IT the care it needs.  We research, test and rollout new system updates regularly to keep you current and protected.  Our System Maintenance keeps your systems cleaned, checked, and tuned to keep you moving fast!

Our Maintenance & Monitoring helped organizations like yours avert computer crashes, data loss, and other outages before they caused downtime.  Compared to the costs of downtime, doing IT proactively just makes sense.

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