July 31, 2018


Get Spam a lot?

Rather than just dealing with it, skip it!  Slingshot’s MailControl gives you:

  • Unsurpassed cloud-based spam and virus filtering
    MailControl uses an extensive range of tests on incoming messages to detect spam. These include traditional approaches like message authenticity checks, header analysis, message signature analysis, databases of spammer domain names and addresses, and white/blacklists.  We also add advanced techniques such as real-time source analysis, graphics analysis, and user-based message profiling.
    Spam flood or virus emails?  You’ll only know from the report stats.

  • Easy Management 
    Your email accounts are automatically setup on our server, so you don’t have to manage them. And your users can use their same email credentials to login and help themselves.
    Missing an email?  They just visit the portal to review, adjust settings, set their own whitelists/blacklists, and much more. 

  • Email Continuity
    MailControl’s built-in queuing and on-demand email service keep you going.
    Service outage? Just login to our portal (with your regular email credentials!) to read and respond to any incoming emails.  Once your server connection returns, mail flow automatically resumes as normal with no bounces or delays.

Our MailControl managed service has helped organizations like yours avoid viruses, skip spam, find legitimate emails, and avoid email outages with minimal effort – so you can still bring home the bacon!  When compared to the accrued work slowdown of reading/deleting spam, damage of viruses, and downtime of email outages, Slingshot MailControl just makes sense.

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