July 31, 2018


How much downtime can you handle?

“As little as possible!”  If your organization has a disaster, your critical systems need to stay safe.  For Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Slingshot’s Hotsite is your safety net:

  • Full-System
    Many services only backup files, so recovery means you have to first re-setup your server and PCs!
    But Hotsite protects every bit
    of your system installation, letting you restore everything — data and settings — in one quick recovery operation.

  • Constant (short RPO)
    Most offsite backups only run once a day at most. 
    Hotsite synchronizes throughout the day, so you know today’s work is safe as possible.

  • Offsite but Fast (short RTO)
    Most offsite backups go to “the cloud” (usually a server in California), so setup or recovery both require are only as fast as your internet connection, which can take days or weeks. 
    Hotsite can store your data in your office and our secured local data center, so setup and recovery can happen same day.

  • Managed
    Most backups require that you keep them actually running, and make you fix problems yourself.
    With Hotsite, we make sure your backups always work.  If there’s a snag, we’re alerted and just take care of it.

Slingshot’s Hotsite managed service can help you recover quickly and easily from trouble – so you can rest easy knowing you’ll bounce back fast!  When compared to risk of downtime, Hotsite just makes sense.

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