Security Stance Adjustments, continued

Update for Slingshot’s Managed Clients

Slingshot has seen a ton of progress on security improvements since our March announcement, and is still cracking at it!  As we reflect and plan ahead, we want to share with our managed clients like you about what we’ve lined up for 2024…

Phishing Protection

On top of our regular MailControl protection, we added a second-layer of email protection for Phishing in 2023.  We’re now upgrading that same system for better detection and easier operation.

First off: the “Report Phishing” button is going away!
It was often hard to find it in the various toolbars,
and its replacement gives you controls where you can’t lose them…
(Use your regular MailControl if you need to report or block anything).


The base MailControl protection will remain in place, but if the new email protection triggers for any incoming email, you will see one of the following:

  • For any email considered suspicious, a warning banner inserted at the top with links to “Mark As Safe” or “Report and Delete” – for example:
  • For more worrisome emails, they will actually be quarantined (reminder this is separate from our regular MailControl quarantine), and you will get a notification email in its place with a “Review” link to their User Portal (new!) – for example:

Of course, below those notices are the actual email details, so you can review them before clicking any links.
It should actually be more straightforward than before!

Still with me?  Great, there’s more…

Security Awareness

In 2023, we also rolled out the initial pieces of our SecurityAware offering.  Later in January, we’ll be upgrading the Phishing Simulations to be more sophisticated (stay vigilant! :), and upgrading our online Security Awareness Training to easier/more engaging 2-3 minute videos sent to all users monthly.

What Else?

  • In 2023, we also switched WebFilter to a more effective protection engine and better user experience.
  • In 2024, we’ll be upgrading SecurityAware protection for better Dark Web & External Footprint Scanning, and adding NEW Cloud Account and Cloud Data Protection.
  • We’ll also be upgrading Managed Antivirus with more effective protection.

(The last two bullets don’t directly affect users, but we may reach out on a case-by-case basis if we see issues.)

Those are the highlights, but stay tuned for more!  In the meantime, just holler with any questions — I’d love to hear from you.

May your new year be bright and full of great meaning and progress!

-Rob and the Slingshot gang