Email Safety, Monitoring Improvements, and New Managed Network Service

Email Safety

AEmail Extortion nasty extortion scheme has been making the rounds lately.  An email “from” your own address claims to have your password, and threatens they’ll spread unsavory news about you if you don’t pay them.  This password is usually old and leaked by some 3rd-party website that didn’t encrypt your credentials. 

A few quick tips to handle or avoid this:
○ Change that password everywhere you used it.
○ Never reuse work, financial, or email passwords.  
○ Try not to reuse passwords elsewhere, either — LastPass can make this easy.

You can just ignore these emails if: 1) you’re sure the password isn’t currently used, and 2) your spam filter caught it.  Otherwise, please let us know and we’ll help you sort it out.

Monitoring Improvements

Our Pro-Managed and Maintenance & Monitoring clients may have seen new checks in your reports regarding Managed Antivirus, Backups, Windows Health, and Bitlocker encryption.  This is part of ongoing and recent improvements to our monitoring and security standards.  We’re just raising the bar, and may be contacting you to encrypt laptops or coordinate other adjustments to take our best care of you.

New Managed Network Service

Managed NetworkWe’re very excited to announce our newest managed service!  Similar to our Maintenance & Monitoring service for servers and PCs, our Managed Network service takes care of your network (firewalls, switches, wifi), ISP, and internet presence (domain, certificates, web hosting).  We’ve already been rolling this out to our Pro-Managed clients with supported systems, and are happy to now offer it a-la-carte too!  More info here or contact us to check it out.

-Rob for Slingshot