BgInfo scripts

what is this page?

I made this page in order to share the scripts I've written for use with BgInfo, by SysInternals.

what is BgInfo?

BgInfo is an awesome and free little utility which lets you insert various system (or other) info into your Windows desktop. It even preserves existing wallpaper.  Coolest of all, it's highly extendable, because it allows you to insert custom info from the Registry, Environment variables, WMI, files, or (my favorite) Windows Script files!

lemme see!

Browse some of the BgInfo scripts I've written.  They're standard WSH-capable scripts -- they just also "echo" their output to BgInfo.

usual yadda

In case you were deluded otherwise, I'm not providing support for the scripts (nor for BgInfo).  I wrote it all for my own use, and just thought I'd share the wealth.  It's freely-offered, so Enjoy!

how about a gallery?

If you're already a fan/scripter of BgInfo, drop a line to BgInfo's author, Bryce Cogswell, and suggest they setup a gallery where we can all exchange our scripts.


As-is, etc.  If you ask nicely, I may provide support via email.


-Rob (@slingfive) Eberhardt, Slingshot Solutions
Use freely, but be honest about it.  I just ask for credit.